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Birds can pose significant challenges in residential and commercial settings. They can be carriers of diseases, cause structural damage, and leave behind difficult-to-clean droppings. Effective bird control services are essential for managing these problems and maintaining a safe and clean environment. Absolute Pest Management offers specialized bird removal plans tailored to your specific needs. Our integrated pest management approach combines trapping, removal, and targeted exclusion techniques to address bird problems. This comprehensive method focuses on the humane and safe removal of targeted nuisance bird species while protecting non-target species. This chemical-free approach also prioritizes the health and safety of individuals in and around serviced buildings. For reliable and effective bird control services, contact Absolute Pest Management today.

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Bird Control Services

Absolute Pest Management employs a blend of bird deterrents, trapping, removal, and exclusion techniques which guarantee an effective solution that prevents birds from returning. Our experienced bird control specialists are experts at identifying the most appropriate solutions for your individual needs.These steps are designed to offer a complete solution for managing bird-related problems in both residential and commercial settings. Our comprehensive process includes:


A thorough inspection is conducted to locate nests, identify the bird species, and pinpoint any entry points


We clear your property of birds and nests using humane methods to restore the property to its original appearance and state of cleanliness.


After removing any and all targeted nuisance birds, we work closely with you to develop strategies to deter future bird nesting and infestation on your property.

Birds Species We Manage





Why Do I Need Bird Control for My Home

Ensuring bird control for your home is crucial for several reasons, primarily concerning health and property safety


Health Risks from Diseases: 

  • Salmonella: A bacterial infection that can cause severe gastrointestinal issues.
  • Psittacosis: An infection with symptoms similar to influenza.
  • Fowl Pest: A viral disease that can affect both birds and humans.
  • Escherichia coli (E. coli): A bacteria that can lead to severe foodborne illness.
  • Histoplasmosis: A fungal infection from dried bird droppings.
  • Cryptococcosis: A disease that develops in the yeast in the intestines of pigeons and starlings.
  • Associated Parasites: Birds are common carriers of parasites like worms, ticks, mites, fleas, and giardia. 

Property Damage:

  • Corrosive Droppings: Bird poop is corrosive and can damage roofing materials, car paint, and other painted or treated surfaces.
  • Nesting: Obstructive nesting in places like grills, vents, and chimney exhausts can result in unsightly messes and create potential fire hazards.

Residential Bird Control


Residential properties often face challenges with birds like pigeons and sparrows, which are known to roost on building ledges, rooftops, and overhangs. These birds can cause significant damage to HVAC and solar equipment, block vents, and potentially lower property values with their unsightly and potentially infectious droppings.

Absolute Pest Management’s residential bird control service encompasses a thorough inspection, followed by tailored exclusion measures. Our technicians assess the exterior of your home to identify vulnerable access points that may allow birds to enter into attics and other harborage areas. Once access points are identified, they are sealed up to prevent birds from returning. Any birds that are found in the property are safely and humanely removed. 

Absolute’s Pest Free Process

Pest Inspection

Our process begins with a thorough inspection of your property. Our experienced technicians identify the types of pests present, their breeding grounds, and potential entry points, allowing us to understand the extent of the infestation.

Pest Treatment

Based on the inspection findings, we develop a customized treatment plan. This could involve the use of environmentally friendly pesticides, traps, or other methods, all designed to effectively eliminate the pests from your property.

Pest Prevention

After the treatment, we focus on pest prevention, which involves educating clients on how to minimize future pest problems and making your property less attractive to pests. This step is crucial in preventing future infestations.

Follow Up

We stand by our service guarantee and follow up on our treatments to ensure the effectiveness of our work. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments and verify that your rat problem has been thoroughly resolved.

Pest Maintenance

The final step is regular maintenance. We provide ongoing services to ensure that your property remains pest-free. This includes periodic inspections and treatments as necessary, giving you peace of mind knowing that your home is protected from pests.

Commercial Bird Control

Commercial bird control is crucial for addressing the challenges posed by nuisance birds such as pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and seagulls. These birds can create several issues for businesses which can damage the reputation of a business as well as hinder a business’s ability to operate. Absolute Pest Management offers expert bird control services, with a team specialized in handling these challenges. We collaborate closely with business owners to pinpoint the specific bird-related issues and develop comprehensive solutions to eliminate these pest birds and their associated risks effectively.

Why Do I Need Bird Control for My Business

Bird control is essential for businesses due to various risks that unmanaged bird presence can pose:

  • Property Damage: Damage to products, facilities, or client’s possessions caused by bird droppings and nests can require costly repairs or cleanup.
  • Operational Disruptions: Birds entering facilities can affect day-to-day operations as bird removal will need to be prioritized.
  • Health and Sanitation Concerns: Bird droppings leave unsanitary messes that can introduce harmful diseases and parasites.
  • Brand and Reputation: Birds nesting or roosting within a facility can lead to negative customer perceptions and harm your brand image.
  • Financial Implications: Bird-related damage can be costly. The presence of birds can also potentially reduce customer traffic and lead to further revenue loss.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Bird infestations can create regulatory challenges for businesses by causing failed health inspections and contamination issues.
  • Aggressive Behavior: Birds can become aggressive and territorial particularly during breeding seasons which can result in birds attacking customers or employees.
  • Introduction of Other Pests: Birds carry fleas, mites, ticks, lice, and other biting insects that can transmit diseases and pose serious health risks.

Bird Deterring Strategies

Bird Deterring Strategies

Implementing bird deterring strategies is crucial for managing bird-related issues effectively in both residential and commercial settings. Various methods can be utilized:

  • Bird Traps: Mechanical traps can be used to trap species like sparrows and starlings so they can be removed safely and humanely.
  • Bird Netting: Customized netting solutions prevent birds from roosting and nesting in specific areas.
  • Bird Spikes: Bird spikes are installed on surfaces where birds perch which prevents landing on area where they can make a mess.
  • Optical Gel: A multi-sensory repellent that affects birds’ sight, smell, and touch to deter them from treated areas.
  • Grid Systems: Employing a fine mesh or wire cabling over surfaces to prevent birds from landing.

Signs of Bird Infestation

Identifying signs of a bird infestation is crucial for timely and effective control measures. Key indicators to watch out for include:

  • Birds Settling on Structures: Frequently observing birds on roofs or ledges is a strong indicator of a bird problem.
  • Bird Noises: Persistent bird sounds like wings flapping and chirping.
  • Nests and Nesting Materials: Spotting nests or scattered nesting materials around your property.
  • Bird Droppings: Finding droppings in various areas.

Tips to Help Keep Birds Away

To effectively deter birds from frequenting your property, several practical steps can be taken to make the environment less appealing to them:

Managing Food Sources:

  • Avoid Bird Feeders: Refrain from using feeders that attract birds.
  • Trash Management: Position trash areas away from buildings.
  • Secure Trash Cans: Use cans with tight-fitting lids to prevent access.
  • Prompt Cleanup: Quickly clean any outdoor food spills or residue.
  • Discourage Feeding: Use signage at your business to deter people from feeding birds.
  • Restaurant Practices: For dining establishments, clear outdoor dining areas promptly after service.

Landscaping Strategies:

  • Lawn Care: Regular mowing and upkeep of lawns helps keep pest populations that birds feed on under control.
  • Trimming Vegetation: Keep trees and shrubs well-trimmed and open to deter nesting.
  • Clear Underbrush: Maintain areas under shrubs free from debris to prevent nesting.
  • Water Barriers: Consider fencing or barriers around water bodies to discourage birds like geese.

Eliminating Access Points:

  • Secure Potential Nesting Sites: Birds often use ledges, windowsills, and roof holes for nesting. Install deterrents, seal up holes, and make these areas less attractive to prevent them from being used as nesting places.

Where to Look for Bird Activity

When inspecting for bird activity, certain areas are more prone to infestation:

  • Wall Voids: Hidden spaces within walls create a perfect place for birds to hide.
  • Steeples and Chimney Stacks: High structures are often used for nesting.
  • Balconies, Ledges, Guttering, and Culverts: These are all common roosting spots.
  • Flat Roofs: Flat roofs are common sites for nesting due to their accessibility.
  • Tree Cavities: Natural nesting spots for many bird species.
  • Signage: Often used by birds as perching points.

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We just moved into a newly built home, and there were ants, roaches, and spiders everywhere! We gave Absolute a call and they were out within a few days of setting up service, and had the best value (I called and got quotes from three other local providers).
Our technician, Kenny, came out and was absolutely amazing

Alexis Taylor

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From day one we have been very happy with the detailed inspections of our home and landscape. Josh, our current technician is a great customer service representative. Easy communication and thorough. We appreciate the detailed summary of service and list of applied products provided after each visit. No pest control issues!

Larry James

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Very Effective!
They’ve been coming by for almost a year with easy-to-book quarterly appointments. At the beginning, since I had just moved in to a new house, it required a few reservice appointments. They quickly added me to the schedule and didn’t give me any hassle about coming back. Everyone has been friendly!

Emily Thompson

Absolute Pest Management Guarantee


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Guaranteed to remove all birds in and around your home


Prompt service that will return if treatments are not 100% effective

Is there anything you can spray to keep birds away?

There are bird repellent sprays available that can help keep birds away. These sprays often contain non-toxic substances that create an unpleasant environment for birds without causing them harm. They work by affecting the birds’ sense of taste or smell which make treated areas unattractive for perching or nesting. It’s important to choose a spray that is environmentally friendly and safe for use around humans and pets.

How do you get rid of unwanted birds?

To get rid of unwanted birds, a combination of deterrents and habitat modification is often effective. This can include using physical barriers like bird spikes or netting to prevent perching and nesting, employing auditory or visual scare devices, and removing attractants like easily accessible food sources or water. It’s important to use humane and environmentally friendly methods, and in some cases, hiring a professional bird removal company may be necessary for a more comprehensive solution.

How much is pest control for birds?

The cost of pest control for birds varies widely depending on factors such as the severity of the infestation, the type of birds involved, the methods used for removal and prevention, and the size of the area needing treatment. Absolute Pest Management offers consultation and a quote based on these specific requirements. For a more accurate estimate, it’s recommended to contact us directly so we can come assess the situation and provide a tailored quote.

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