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Rodents like mice and rats can be a significant health hazard because they often leave droppings and urine that contaminate environments like attics. Finding rodent droppings or other signs of rodent activity typically requires prompt and thorough cleaning measures. Absolute Pest Management provides specialized attic cleanup and disinfection services to address these issues effectively. The process involves the removal of all rodent waste, safe disposal of any deceased rodents, careful replacement of any damaged insulation, and the extraction of all contaminated materials. After the materials are cleared out, the area undergoes disinfection to ensure the space is thoroughly sanitized and safe.

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Do You Need Professional Attic Rodent Clean Up?

Rodents are commonly found in attic spaces where they cause damage and pose health risks through the diseases and parasites they can carry. These risks are not limited to the attic as rodents can migrate throughout a home via vents and other openings. Signs of rodent activity like droppings, urine, or nesting sites suggest the need for professional intervention. Absolute Pest Management specializes in determining the severity of a rodent infestation and in executing comprehensive cleanup and decontamination.

Let the professionals at Absolute Pest Management take care of your attic rodent cleanup. Our process focuses on rodent removal and cleanup as well as preventing future infestations to ensure a safe living environment. Our expertise in handling contaminated materials coupled with our detailed knowledge of rodent behavior ensures effective cleanup and restoration of your attic space. Given the complexity and health risks associated with rodent infestations, professional cleanup services are recommended for a thorough and secure cleanup of the contaminated area.

Main Sign of Rodent Activity in Your Attic


It’s important to know what signs to look for to determine if you are dealing with rats or mice. The presence of rodents is most easily identified by an increase in droppings. These droppings can be found in undisturbed corners of an attic where the rodents are nesting, and along frequently used pathways rodents use to access food and water. Finding rodent droppings is problematic because it indicates a larger rodent problem and can also contaminate the air with diseases that can be spread throughout a home. Rodents can leave up to 75 fresh droppings a day so even a small rodent population will create excessive buildup in a short time. Be sure to check in the corners of your attic as well as under and inside insulation.

Why Are Rodent Droppings & Waste Bad?

Rodent droppings and waste present serious health hazards due to the potent diseases they can transmit. Diseases like Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome manifest through symptoms like fever and muscle aches and can result from merely inhaling dust contaminated with rodent waste. Bacterial infections such as Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis can occur through accidental ingestion of food or water tainted by these wastes. Rat-Bite Fever is another concern, not only from bites but also from handling deceased rodents or their contaminated debris. Rodent related risks extend beyond direct contamination from disease. Rodent waste in attic spaces can also compromise indoor air quality if ventilation systems become contaminated. The odors and material damage can also affect home comfort and property value.

Absolute’s Pest Free Process

Pest Inspection

Our process begins with a thorough inspection of your property. Our experienced technicians identify the types of pests present, their breeding grounds, and potential entry points, allowing us to understand the extent of the infestation.

Pest Treatment

Based on the inspection findings, we develop a customized treatment plan. This could involve the use of environmentally friendly pesticides, traps, or other methods, all designed to effectively eliminate the pests from your property.

Pest Prevention

After the treatment, we focus on pest prevention, which involves educating clients on how to minimize future pest problems and making your property less attractive to pests. This step is crucial in preventing future infestations.

Follow Up

We stand by our service guarantee and follow up on our treatments to ensure the effectiveness of our work. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments and verify that your rat problem has been thoroughly resolved.

Pest Maintenance

The final step is regular maintenance. We provide ongoing services to ensure that your property remains pest-free. This includes periodic inspections and treatments as necessary, giving you peace of mind knowing that your home is protected from pests.

How Absolute Cleans Up Rodent Droppings in Your Attic


Absolute Pest Management adheres to a structured and thorough approach to ensure complete sanitation of any rodent contaminated spaces.

  1. Initial Assessment: Before any cleanup begins, a comprehensive evaluation is conducted to assess the extent of contamination and to ensure all rodents have been eradicated. This initial step is crucial to plan the safe removal of droppings and contaminated insulation without spreading pathogens.
  2. Insulation Examination and Removal: Insulation is often damaged by rodent activity, so it needs to be carefully inspected. Compromised material is removed either by hand or with a specialized vacuum to ensure fibers and contaminants are not released into the air.
  3. Cleaning and Waste Removal: The next phase involves the thorough vacuuming of the attic floor with HEPA-filtered equipment to capture all rodent feces and debris. This high-efficiency method prevents airborne contaminants from spreading during cleanup.
  4. Sanitization: After the physical removal of waste and soiled insulation, the entire attic space is sanitized. A fogger is used to disperse a non-toxic, family-friendly solution to neutralize any remaining bacteria and viruses and effectively sanitize all surfaces.
  5. Decontamination of Personal Items: Items stored in the attic, such as clothing and bedding, are treated separately. Washable items should be laundered, while non-washable items are disinfected to neutralize any lingering viruses or bacteria.
  6. Final Cleanup and Restoration: After the cleanup is completed, the space is prepared for the installation of new insulation. All entry points previously used by rodents are sealed to prevent future infestations which ensures the attic is restored to a safe and clean state.
  7. Post-Cleanup Review: Following the cleanup and insulation removal and replacement, a walkthrough is conducted to ensure the attic and the path leading to it are clean and have no traces of the infestation left behind.

Benefits of Attic Rodent Cleaning

The advantages of a thorough rodent attic cleaning service are extensive and provide both immediate and long-term value:

  • Health Protection: Eliminates health hazards by removing disease-causing pathogens from rodent feces, urine, and nesting materials.
  • Enhanced Air Quality: Reduces allergens and contaminants which promote better indoor air quality and potentially lessening asthma and allergy symptoms.
  • Energy Efficiency: Heating and cooling systems run more efficiently with proper cleaning and newly installed attic insulation which can save money on energy bills.
  • Home Comfort: Creates a more uniform and comfortable temperature throughout the home by addressing any insulation issues caused by rodent damage.
  • Increased Home Value: A clean and well-maintained attic can be a strong selling point because it signals a well-cared for home to potential buyers.
  • Environmental Impact: Improved insulation following cleaning means less energy is needed to heat and cool the home, thus reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Prevention of Future Infestations: Cleaning also includes sealing potential entry points which helps to prevent future rodent problems.

What Do Rodent Droppings Look Like?

Identifying rodent droppings is a key factor in detecting a rodent infestation and determining the species involved. The appearance of these droppings can provide valuable insights into the level of infestation and the recency of rodent activity. Darker, moist droppings usually indicate active infestations, whereas lighter, dried droppings suggest past infestations.

Rat Droppings

If droppings are discovered in the attic, they are most likely from roof rats. These rats are known for nesting in elevated areas, hence their name. These droppings are dark, elongated, sausage-shaped with pointed ends, and can measure about half an inch in length. Each roof rat can produce 40 to 50 droppings per day. In comparison, droppings from the Norway rat are bulkier and can be up to ¾ inch long. Norway rats are an unlikely suspect in attics though because they prefer habitats that are low to the ground.

Mouse Droppings

Mouse droppings are significantly smaller at about 1/4 inch in length. They are rod shaped with pointed ends. Despite their size, mice are prolific in their output and can generate 50 to 75 pellets daily. They are great climbers so they can be found in attics and will nest in any area they deem suitable.

Other Signs of Rodent Activity in Your Attic

An infestation is not uncommon in attic spaces, and recognizing other signs of rodent activity is crucial for timely and effective remediation:

  • Unusual Odors: A strong, musty scent can indicate rodent urine. This smell is especially pungent in large infestations or in confined spaces.
  • Gnaw Marks and Damage: Look for holes with chewed edges. These holes can be dime-sized with clean cuts for mice and quarter-sized with rough edges for rats. Wires, wood, drywall and plastic often bear these marks.
  • Nesting Areas: Rodent breeding grounds are usually constructed from shredded materials like paper or insulation. They are not always evident as they are often tucked away in secluded parts of the attic.
  • Sounds: The noise of scurrying or scratching, particularly at night, often indicates a rodent’s presence.
  • Pet Behavior: Dogs and cats may become fixated on areas where rodents are active because they can either hear or smell the rodent when humans can’t.

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Our technician, Kenny, came out and was absolutely amazing

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How do I decontaminate my attic after rats?

To decontaminate your attic after a rat infestation, it’s essential to first remove all droppings, nests, and contaminated insulation safely. Then, thoroughly disinfect the entire area with an EPA-registered disinfectant to eliminate any pathogens left behind. It is often recommended to hire professional pest management services, such as Absolute Pest Management, to ensure the attic is properly and safely decontaminated.

Should you clean up rat droppings in the attic?

You should clean up rat droppings in your attic because they can harbor dangerous bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Due to health risks associated with rodent waste, it is recommended to either use proper protective gear and follow safety protocols if doing it yourself, or to hire professional services like Absolute Pest Management to ensure thorough decontamination.

What can I put in my attic to get rid of rodents?

To get rid of rodents in your attic, you can set up snap traps, live traps, or bait stations and strategically place them where rodent activity is noticed. It is also effective to use rodent repellents and to seal all potential entry points to prevent further access. For a comprehensive and safe approach, consider hiring a professional pest control service like Absolute Pest Management.

How do you clean up an attic?

Cleaning up an attic involves removing any clutter, dusting and vacuuming the space thoroughly, and ensuring proper insulation and ventilation. It’s also important to address any pest infestations or water damage.

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